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DIY Reusable “paper towels”- Let’s all be greener!

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This gal came up with a great idea for making cleaning towels. Might have to try this myself.


I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to produce less waste. My thought is you have to start somewhere. I’m going to start with disposing of disposable paper towels. I have to also mention this move will also help my budget, double win from my perspective.


Wash cloths
Scrap fabric
Sewing machine


I bought some generic wash cloths from walmart and pulled some big chunks from my scrap fabric pile. Trace and cut squares to the size of your wash cloth.

I like to spare numbers when I can, because it can be confusing. It helps me to concentrate on shape rather than on specifics.

Moving on, put the cloth and fabric together, right sides together.
I put all of my rags in a pile and went to town on them when my family was napping. This is a redundant project, feel free to take a nap…

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One thought on “DIY Reusable “paper towels”- Let’s all be greener!

  1. Go to and order her amazing purple rags in a bag; I hardly EVER use paper towels since I’ve had these and they last for years. Most incredible thing for glass cleaning, especially.

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