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Fall Colors on a Neighborhood Walk

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Just out for an evening stroll. Soon it will be dark when I get home from work. Why do we practice daylight savings? 

Fall’s here. It’s raining a lot which is oh so needed. 

Here are some pics I snapped while on my walk.

We’ve got weird ‘shrooms up here that would inspire Dr. Seuss.

Snowberry. Plump and squishy. Most of the year they’re dried up.   
  So many lovely trails just out my front door. 


Native blackberries sport red leaves. 

A decorative tree along a farm’s fence.   
Some ferns are turning a blonde to copper color. 

 And look at this find-Himalayan Blackberries, not as tasty as the natives, but still a find as the season’s over. 


A Honeysuckle, I believe. 
  Salal has a few red leaves: 
  Bearberry?  Maybe. 

 Elderberry’s pale green leaves light up. 


Willows wear a yellowed veil. 

  Alder. Perhaps. I didn’t photo the leaves. The pale green wee little cones and catkins caught my eye. 

And finally, my neighbor’s lilac tree now with chartreuse leaves. 
Happy fall! 

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