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Auntie Knits- The privilege of knitting silly, cute kid things.

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Being an Auntie means making goofy, cute things for nieces and nephews.  Sis Karen asked me to make a babe the Blue Ox hat for Sonja for this years’ Halloween costume.  Sure!  And then I though, “Hmmm.  How?”

After trolling online photos of Babe I knitted up a basic beanie and winged it on the ears and horns.  Butter-soft Malagbrigo Worsted in Bobby Blue was in my stash. Then, I braided up yarn to make a tail. Karen added red ribbon to the tail.  This I knit up in a short bit while my CO/UT road-trip partner Kurt, in early Oct., shook his head in amazement. He wondered, “How did you make that so quickly?”  That trip’s post is soon to follow.

I think she’s pretty adorable and her papa, Wes, got the Paul Bunyan costume just right.

The other request was fish hat for my niece Lily. She’s obsessed with fish, enjoys fishing and loves animals in general. I made this Fish Dead or Alive hat for my nephew Lucca a few years back.  An old Knitty project, there are 7,000+ projects listed on Ravelry.  This one I made from leftovers, mainly Cascade 220, some mochi and other worsted odds n’ ends.

Lily is a peanut. She’ll need to grow into this hat.  I added ties that need to be trimmed down in length. Jeez she’s cute. Can’t wait to get there for the holidays.

Past Halloween knits include Princess Leia buns for Lily as a wee one and a Pumpkin Hat for Lucca, also a sprite.

As they get older, such requests will taper off. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy such novel projects.

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