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2015 – A Pic Per Month

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Searching for content from an old post the other day I came across one I made way back in 2009 featuring a photo per each month of that year.  And I decided to do that for 2015.


January – Seattle – Old buildings of varying stature stacked up and together like cordwood. 



February – Downtown, Mt. Baker in the background, while sailing away. 


March –  Ferry approaching Orcas Island. Headed to San Juan Island. 



April – My love and I enjoying a fine spring supper in the fledgling back yard. 


May – The unbridled creativity of the Wearable Arts Show. 


June – Sonja, my sweet niece arrived.


July – Editz Hook, Port Angeles, the Coho just departed, delivering my sweetie back to work. Vancouver Island is out yonder, obscured by clouds. 



August – Mom and dad visited for my birthday. We took a whale watching trip and saw several orcas, a grey whale and a rare fin whale. It was a helluva birthday gift to hang with my folks. 


September -Dusk. And the packed Hudson Marina at the Wooden Boat Festival. 


October – A big trip to UT I haven’t blogged of. Yet. 


November – A local beach.  Getting Wintry. 


December -Winter. Rainy. A view out a ferry window in Seattle.  

This was fun, sifting through the year’s photos.  So many  I meant to share, perhaps some afternoons of dedicated blogging will happen behind wintery, cold, wet windows the next month or two. Thanks for your readership this past year.

One thought on “2015 – A Pic Per Month

  1. Happy new year! Love the pics.

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