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I went for a wintery walk with my pops.

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Hey all.  Just returned from a holiday trip to see family in MN.

Pops and I traditionally take walks.

We started out looping around the friendly farmer/neighbor’s field and avoided the crabby one’s field.   A Snowy Owl’s taken up a winter residence in its perimeter.  Pete and I saw it flying about one day. The next day we watched it make a strike and fly off with a kill. What a beautiful sight it was.

It’s easy to imagine the owl and other raptors’  prey scampering around in labyrinths under the snow’s cover.  Eagles and Hawks we also watched circling the sky.   Apparently owls can detect rodent urine through snow. And their hearing!  Curious about owls?  Read Owl Papers by Jonathan Maslow.  Fascinating critters.  Outstanding book.

I used to sit in an old hunting stand in an elm on the perimeter of this field and read.  The rickety boards, nailed up the side of the tree, are long gone.

Birch. I miss these trees.

A fungus?  It felt like stiff, short-napped velvet. Plenty of oddities abound.

Winter walks in MN are so different from where I now live. They are studies in contrast on white canvas.

And the oaks.  Time’s been tough on them. Not many are left. There are a few specimens of grandeur in the old pasture.  Such fine shapes, a handful of crinkled, auburn leaves left on.

Many of my memories are woven from this landscape. It was  fine place to grow up, to wander about in, to play in, to explore. We used to plow through the woods for what I now know as miles. Back then, there were no measures, just full days and the  need to get in for supper when called, just before the light turned the snowy ground that stunning blue color.

My nephew Sammie (age 3 1/2)  and I wandered about the woods a bit after sledding.  Man that was fun!  Been awhile. I wonder if the woods felt as  expansive to him as it did to me back then?  I hope he makes some memories as I have. I hope they plant a seed of appreciation for the outdoors.

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