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Buttons!    Whidbey Isle Yarns              

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Back in December I took a weekend road trip (road + ferry) to Anacortes, WA. There I saw a friend act (as an impish Wood Nymph) in a clever and humorous rendition of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at Anacortes Community Theater.  A delightfully small and intimate theater, I recommend you visit if in the area.

Enroute, while stopping in Coupeville for breakfast, I stumbled upon Whidbey Isle Yarns which relocated from Oak Harbor without my knowing it.  I’m embarrassed to say I forgot the sweet shop owner’s name (?Deena?) and lost her card to look it up.

I look forward to returning to her shop.  I venture across the Straight to Whidbey Island for hiking excursions often.  A decent selection of mostly US produced yarns fill a warm and friendly space.

She specializes in buttons. Oh the buttons! The shop’s website touts having 500,000+ vintage buttons from the Civil War era to the 1970’s.  Theres an entire table covered in glowing, sparkling beauty.

Have a gander:


An entire table is covered in buttons.


There are drawers of buttons.

Eye-candy in candy dishes.

Glass. Shell.  Metal.  I’d like to come up with some projects that use mismatched buttons in the same colors.  Maybe long fingerless mitts with small buttons up the sides?


I’ve never been smitten with buttons until now.


One thought on “Buttons!    Whidbey Isle Yarns              

  1. Oooh, all the shiny buttons. Gosh, what a fine!

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