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Fort Worden Walk – A Soft Day

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I needed a hike today but didn’t want to drive. Fort Worden is a gem of a state park.   It’s unusually warm out.  I wore no jacket. It’s January. Odd.  Gray and moody out, I remember a former patient calling such days “soft days,” a perfect description.

Strong winds stirred up the air today. This was especially noted from the top of the bluff looking over the Fort’s buildings and Hudson Point. That’s Port Townsend Bay to the point’s  right.

I had the trails to myself. The trees were fine company.  No one walked past me. Sometimes I like that.

Moss accelerates reclamation.

There are Batteries up here which I do not enter. They are dark and damp.

This little spot is a favorite of mine.  Old, abandoned apple trees line the edge of the woods.  I’ve seen deer standing on their hind legs foraging fruit.  Today I watched a hummingbird, I think it was a Rufous male, perching and singing on the tree in the foreground.   Audubon’s web site, BTW, has a great search feature and will play recorded bird calls.  Here’s the one for the Rufous.

Grey skies make a fine foil for red rose hips and stems.

Leaf buds. Can you believe it?  This is what I mean about weird weather. I saw rhody blooms in town the other day and my crocus and daffodil bulbs and well as garlic are sending up shoots/scapes.

Wee little greens carpet the ground.

Lichen fallen to the ground.

Blurry as I zoomed in too much – you can see the wind licking up waves. The weather felt wild today.  Sitting at home while writing this,  the wind still whips outside.  Here’s the Point Wilson lighthouse, Whidby Island across the way.

A wealth of beautiful places to walk lured me here. Later this week I’ll get up high to snowshoe.

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