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Jefferson County Farm Tour 2015- Part One

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How about some summer-y farm and garden and fiber photos to brighten up your winter?

September  brought the annual Jefferson Farm Tour. A dear friend was visiting, such great timing.  Using their handy map I plotted out a day’s excursion for us culminating in a short walk through Fort Flagler.

First stop was Ona True Farm run by Max and Chris, two Wisconsin transplants. Their tour included a Max guided walk where he explained his forward-thinking approach to farming, especially water conservation techniques.

A favorite site of mine was the garlic drying loft. I load up on their garlic at the farmers market (on hiatus until March.)  We planted some of his cloves.

A blurred pic. Sorry!


Quinoa has a new presence on the Peninsula.  Here the gals show a way to winnow away dirt and debris from the seeds.  I found a link to information on the plants history, how to grow it and prepare it once harvested.


Max and Chris have a hoop house of ginger. Bringing this home from them is always a treat.  It flavored some of my peach jam this summer. A few slices in hot water is tasty.


Next stop was Amity Farm, a pretty little farm, out on Discovery Road.  The barn’s built from the trees cleared off the land.  They have sheep, angora rabbits, chickens and alpaca.

And a sheep watch-dog that bonded with Pete.

IMG_6538 2

There were spinning demos.  I don’t spin. I haven’t fallen down that rabbit hole.


Speaking of rabbits, here’s an angora.  Yes, it really is as soft as it looks.


Under multiple canopies, Amity hosts several spinners and hand-dyers.

Eye candy:

IMG_6550 IMG_6546

My LYS Bazaar Girls carries Local Color Fiber Studio yarns. I’ve yet to knit with it. (This is the year of wading through stash…I mean it!)


I wanted to climb up on the table and stretch out.


See the sheep’s name and photo? That I get a kick out of.


Look at that face!


Next leg of the trip took us over to Marrowstone Island to tour a unique farm.  More on that later-

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