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Jefferson County Farm Tour – Part Two

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Marrowstone is a beautiful island with distinctive spaces. Bluffs and beaches rim the island.   A patchwork of cleared farmland and thick woods blanket the rest. I hike and visit the beaches here often.

We were sure to share this special place with my visiting friend.

My first trip ever to Port Townsend included a friend taking me around the farm tour.  The deal was sealed after that. I was hooked!

Here are pics from one stop featuring the One Straw Ranch and WSU Twin Vista Ranch. The Organic Seed Alliance also had a booth set up.  I found a video on WSU’s website that records speakers during the dedication festivities at the ranch.



Unprocessed Romney fiber is their specialty.


Fleece and yarns with a name tag.


This was a real hands on stop which we enjoyed.  I’ve never had quail eggs. They’re so wee!


I’d only seen wild California quails not domestic ones.


One furry bear meets another. Pete and the barn cat really hit it off. It was gas seeing such a huge cat sponging the love off him.  Such a sweet sight.


I really fell hard for this place. We talk about having a patch of acreage ourselves someday.  Pete loves outdoor work, making things, and he’s a helluva gardener with some experience working on farms. I’m smitten by the romantic aspect of it.  And I’d love more of that sort of honest work that produces food.  Those long summer days, when we stumble in after nine PM from the garden, are some of my happiest.

But I also see the work, and some restrictions to travel when you have such responsibility. Conflicted thoughts…


Old apple orchards and a fine table and flower garden were obviously lovingly tended.




Remember my mentioning quinoa in my last post? Here’s what it looks like growing.  Not sure what the flags are for. Being afiliated with Wash. State University I wonder if there was some seed testing in progress? The light was getting odd and it was hard to get the correct color of the plants which was more saturated than this.


There was a fenced off area with a few of the excavators (hogs).  Seriously. They turn and fertilize and loosen up that soil. How clever to have that benefit.


A calf.



And turkeys. Yum!  I know birds are for eating and not just eggs. I’d have a tough time slaughtering them though I know it’s necessary.  I now know the difference between eating commercially produced vs free-range turkey and I won’t go back.


We finished up our Farm Tour with a stop at Fort Flagler (look for a post on this park coming soon) to share the expansive view across the water to Port Townsend with Anise. But the rain came and cloaked it all. And soaked us.

Can’t wait for next years tour!

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