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Fort Flagler – Beach Sights – A Hike Finished with a Sunset

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I’ve let life’s busywork get between me and my hiking boots far too much this winter.

There’s nothing like a long, quiet walk to clear out the clutter.

Fort Flagler, on Marrowstone Island, is often empty mid-week, the case this day.

I started down by the light house which now houses a Fish and Wildlife Office. This watery passage shuttles large and small ships from Seattle and south out to the ocean.


The tide was low. I skirted around Marrowstone point and followed the beach. The dark landform to the left is the tip of the Quimper Peninsula, home of Port Townsend, specifically Fort Worden and Point Wilson.  The sandy bluffs to the right are part of Whidby Island.


Here’s a close view of the Fort and Point Wilson. The pics I snapped of town just didn’t turn out.


It was a grey day, a “soft” day as I’ve heard such called.  This flat light made bright objects glow.

Madrona, its wood bright orange.


A crab shell, purple and orange.




Green kelp.


Manmade objects, some trash, some are relics of the military occupation of this point. Some trash I marvel at, such as this old engine.


Not sure what this was but see the well defined rings? They are bright, shiny metal. Copper?


I marvel at the color of PNW rocks, wet rocks, green, pink, red.




At the end of the beach there’s a view of the Olympic Mountains. Today they were buried in clouds.  Up the road a short distance led me into the woods.  Deep into the trees I went.


Tiny water beads on this plant intrigued me.


An unusually warm winter we’re having. Things are blooming, including this little guy.


And the icing on the cake, above my starting point, sunset painted the clouds and water  pink and yellow.


A marshy area abuts the lighthouse and research station below. I hoped to see birds. None showed.


The evening sky was just stunning. Here’s the old lighthouse point my hike started at.


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