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Spring is springing early this year up in the Pacific Northwest. The days are getting longer. Cherryblossom brave the chilly nights and bulbs faithfully push through the soil.

I’ve got the gardening itch. I tended herbs, some winter greens and some very hearty potted pansies through our mild winter. The other afternoon, despite nursing a cold, I spent some time in back tidying the beds and making some plans in my mind.

The crocus are just lovely. Next year I will plant enough to line the Woodland portion of the yard.

Wee irises.

One lesson I learned to last year was to plant winter greens early. By the time I thought of it, I planted them in October. Poor little guys made it through the winter but did not take off much in size until a couple weeks ago. The hoop frames and plastic sheeting seem to be helping.

Mustard greens. Yum!   

These lacinato kale seedlings hung tight through the winter and are just now starting to grow.

Garlic, planted in October I think, are sending up shoots.  I’m very excited to see how they turn out.

I used to buy  miners lettuce from a grower in West Marin. When I spotted a packet of seed at the co-op, I excitedly planted it at home. The plants look different from the variety I was familiar with. Regardless, it taste great. But holy cow does it spread.  It needs a lot of thinning. Good thing I like the taste of it because we sure have a lot of it.

Whoever calls a person a pansy as an insult doesn’t know what they’re talking about. These plants are so hearty. This guy survived frost several times this winter with no problems. I can see some self-seeded plants popping up.   

The forsythia plant has a few promising yellow buds. I just love this plant and can’t wait for it to grow and mature. Someday, I will likely curse it’s prolific growing habits.

Honeysuckle leaves. Another trooper.  

And I can’t wait for the rhododendrons to bloom. This one has beautiful purple blossoms.

Our big plans for the garden this year include Peter building a magnificent garden shed in the back, adding much-needed drainage around the house using French drains and gravel, and working on building up the contours and shape of the water-course  way in the back. We’re now researching what trees to plant back there to replace the willows that will eventually need to be removed.

It’s hard for me to keep  my enthusiasm (and project list) at a reasonable volume.

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