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Orcas Island Day Two – Hiking in the Sweet old Oak Trees with My Guys.

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A gift!  A day with mere sprinkles, fog, no real rain, we went for a walk up Ship Peak in Turtleback Preserve.    Zac’s a good sport and seems to like hiking. I’m glad we can share this with him.

I knew there were Garry Oaks there and had to see them.  I am drawn to them.

The trail starts up a steep road.

There is a whole lot of moss and lichen to be found.

The first Oak Meadow had seedlings, newly planted, scattered about.  This view came into sight coming around a corner.

These trees are gnarly, twisted, so old and wise looking. They do not like their roots disturbed, however. The area was well signed alerting folks to this to keep folks on the trail.


Mist and fog obscured expansive views over the water. Bummer.

A giant of a tree.

The care folks have put into restoration of the meadows is evident in the limbing of many trees.

These oak trees have a sculptural quality. Check out the trunk on this one.

I miss the many varieties of oak trees I fell for while living in California. There is something familiar and comforting in these trees.

A timely rest bench appears after a steep climb. The panoramic view from the spot was breathtaking. Unfortunately, the photo I took not so much.

We had some munchies atop Ship Peak. Minus the fog,  we would have seen views of many mountains and water. Looking at a map, I noted the spot is almost directly above the little cottage we were staying in.

The trails were well marked.
 It felt like a hobbit world in spots. 

Minutia. At eye level.

  Finally! Once lower, under the clouds, the water views revealed themselves. 

A lovely hike. And a good workout. With good company.

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