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Leave a comment is an online, free source of knitting and crochet patterns  launched in 2002.  I think I found it about 2006ish.  Pre-Ravelry times, it was where I learned there is more to knitting than novelty yarn, garter stitch scarves.

Over the years I’ve used many patterns from Knitty and gleaned much inspiration from others.  It’s also a famed source for instructional articles and videos.  I applaud  Knitty’s giving budding designers a place to be found in this getting-more-full-each-day world of knit and crochet designers.  Some who got their start there include Ysolda Teague, Stephen West, Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Stephanie Japel.

Knitty is aching financially. Today I visited their patreon fundraising site  to contribute a set amount per issue release to help them out.  This will help them update all that computer coding mumbo-jumbo I don’t really get but know is important and to help them earn a living. We all have causes we would march forward with but hey, one has to eat in order to march.

Please consider donating as well.


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