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Ravelry Stalker-In a Good Way-Knit.Love.Wool’s Interview

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Today I stumbled across an interview with a woman on Ravelry I’ve been stalking.  Stalking in a good way- mind ye.  I’m so inspired by her knitting I wanted to share the interview with y’all.

Jenn, Lovewool-Knits on Ravelry, makes the most gorgeous Icelandic-style sweater AKA Lopapeysas.  She has no blog so I keep my eyes peeled for her new projects via the Lopi-friends group on Rav. Now and then I just peek at her projects page, thus the stalking, but not in a creepy way.   Her sweaters can be seen on Instagram.

She uses colors in ways somewhat different from tradition.  There are more of them than typical, they harmonize yet pop, some are rainbows of color.  Check out the bright childrens’ sweaters.  Click on the link above to the interview to see photos.  Several of her projects are in my Rav bundle titled:  color-work color-combo inspiration.

To date, I’ve  knit just one sweater in this style. It was a very special one that now keeps an young girl in Afghanistan warm.

I’ve been collecting yarn and patterns to make my own (erm…many) as the WA climate is perfect for them.  Once I finish my current sweater on the needles, I’ll start up one in worsted weight.

Anyhoo…thought I’d share the interview link as her discussion on how she puts her colors together is interesting, and inspiring, as it is not a fussy and laborious process for her.


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