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Charitable Knitting Winter and Spring 2016

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It makes me happy to send off boxes of thick and warm, wooly items for people.

This spring, my LYS, Bazaar Girls, decided to join together to knit hats for Syrian Refugees headed to Canada.  The Canadian-based project was called 25,000 Toques and several provinces joined in. We mailed our hefty box off to Montreal.



I tucked in five thick and warm hats:



MUD hat by Andi OldTrout


Bulky Waffle Hat by Linda Suda


Hogsmead Hat by AuntyKaren Knits


Slip Stitch Stash hat by Renee Rico – Modified. Renee blogs at RevKnits. Miss you Renee!


To the Hats and More for War Torn Syria group I mailed off a box of 6 hats, a pair of mittens and a shawl.


My box o’ charitable knitting yarn is stuffed. Such projects are very portable and tend to be my I-don’t-carry-a-purse knitting projects.  I’ll also get some more kids quilt tops pieced up. It pains me to see such hardship. I hope this helps.

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