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Ah!  A day off. It’s been a very busy two weeks.  Gray and cool out, the day’s line up includes a trip into the sewing room (freshly remodeled, more on that later).  Later, I’ll make jam of the apricots in the freezer and have lunch with a dear friend visiting from out-of-town.

This AM I’m nursing a full press pot of coffee and visiting the list of blogs I like to keep an eye on.

One in particular drew a smile and chuckle from me so I requested permission to share. I wish I could get a pic to move over  here from there.

Have a Visit to Twisted Yarn’s Garden Variety Crochet

Phil Saul, over at the Twisted Yarn, is the talent behind this whimsical, clever and creative project. I admire and am inspired by that.

My library of crochet includes a single crochet around edges. And that’s it.

My friend Grace got me started on the One Big Granny Square in March. I’m gonna need to Face Time her when I pick it back up to relearn the technique. There’s a pile of collected single skeins of colorful Noro Kureyon in waiting. IMG_0334

In the meantime, I’ll con’t to enjoy Phil’s talents.






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