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Hawaii – Part 3 of ? – Hilo-Washed and Worn and Fabulous

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Back to March. Hawaii.

Let’s finish up this trip.

Pete and I left Volcano National Park and headed to Hilo which apparently is usually doused in rain. bluebird skies greeted us.

First stop was the farmers market where we plied the crowds, exploring tables of exotic fruits and veggies.

IMG_8623 IMG_8625

The back streets fascinated me. Hilo is weathered, well worn, wires hang everywhere.


The colors look faded and washed from years of rain.


Gulp!  How about that nest of wires?


Just a smidge we explored.  I recommend the Tsunami museum should you visit.


Having a crummy stay the night before in a moldy, yucky rental in Volcano we splurged on a B&B in Hilo that night that was exquisite, the Shipman House. There is a very extensive history on the website.

The home sits on a once island between two rivers. A land and man-made bridge access it. The grounds are lush and fun to explore.


Inside, family antiques abound. Note the windows that reach the floor.  The hostess explained homes were taxed by the number of doors, at one time, thus low windows meant lower tax rates. Clever, eh?



Such treasures!


This lamp was in an attic for decades. The hostess mentioned it had live wires in it, that no one was aware of. Miraculously no one was shocked by it before its restoration.


A steep lush gorge falls off below the home’s back side.


Breakfast was delicious! Nearly all this fruit came from the grounds. The host and hostess explained each fruit.



The grounds are lush and fun to explore.

IMG_8641 IMG_8643 IMG_8647 IMG_8652

What a treat to stay at such a historical, gracious home hosted by such  welcoming folks.  Hilo was my favorite stop on our Hawaii tour.  I found it more friendly and welcoming than other places, and the window of blue-skies helped. Often, it’s wet and gray. If we return, I’d like to explore that end of the island more.

Next leg headed up the coast, more on that in a bit…


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