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Hawaii – The Last Leg – Waipi’o Bay and back to Kona

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The Waipi’o Bay overlook is stunning.  I’m glad we stopped. There’s an informative collection of educational signs there.  From what I read, the valley below was once a political and religious center as well as an ancient “breadbasket” planted with taro and rice.  A tsunami in 1946 travelled one mile in. Most folks relocated “topside.”  Very few live on the floor.   A 25% grade 4WD road plunges down to hiking trails, camping and beach access.  The road down was closed to all but locals due to the Zika virus cautions in place.


This little feral cat was hanging by the overlook platform, clearly used to handouts but still leery of people.  It made me sad.


Bougainvillea festooned all over in hedges. I’ve missed seeing it, once growing it in CA and seeing it all over the place there.

IMG_8757 IMG_8762

Needing to be at the Kona airport the next AM we headed back that day to meet our friend Judy.  This took us through Waimea. Half lies on the “wet” side of the island and the other on the “dry” side. This was very obvious to me. At ‘2760 the weather is purportedly cool at night and warm during the day. This area’s famous for cattle. And man,  did we stop off and have a hell of a burger at Village Burger.

I was drawn to the open ranch views and elevation like you see in this photo:


That long day of driving ended at a beach north of Kona were we met Judy and spent some time swimming and snorkeling.  Pete snorkeled. I tried, bobbing along holding his hand.  I have to admit I’m not comfy with my face in the water, a mask on and breathing through my mouth.


But it was a beautiful, relaxing place to wind up the trip.


I worked on the Antler Charity Sweater I brought.


Sunset. So gorgeous.  A fine ending to a great trip.  Next time I’d like to visit the north coast of the island and go back to Hilo/explore Puna.  I seem to prefer the wetter side to the dry side.  Then again, we had glorious, dry weather while on that wet side. ;  )



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