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Jefferson County Fair-Draft Horses, Kid’s on Horses and Other Critters-Part 1 of 2

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I grew up a 4H’er, Saddle Clubbin’, FFA (Future Farmers of America) kind of a gal.  We didn’t have a farm (man if my dad had let me) but I did have horses.  I was steeped and stewed in horses. The county and state fair were  summer highlights.

I missed the Jefferson County Fair, this year, due to a road trip.  Which cued my memory…

Last year year I took some pics and a video I’d yet to share.

The draft horse pull and horse show were the highlight for me.   The announcer did a fantastic job sharing info on the draft horses’ training, their weights, and the stories behind their handlers as well as histories of the breeds.  Sadly, working horses are a waning presence.  I applaud the breeders choices to preserve the breeds and the art of working them.

Interestingly enough, last night I watched a PBS special documentary by Martin Clunes (Of Doc Martin fame) involving him having his two young Clydesdales trained (and humorously himself). It was beautiful, as anything filmed in the lush, green English countryside is.

A trailer for the first episode:

The horses are so majestic.



And big.  Those are hinders are built to work.


I remember about 6 teams competing.  One team was young and green and were shy at the hook ups to the sleds. I remember the announcer explainng how the handlers have to carefully decide at what weight amount to stop at in order not to dishearten the horses if they fail to pull the sled.

This handler came out of retirement for this contest, I remember.


The games portion of the horse show involves barrel racing.

There were speed demons:


And wee ponies loping through:


A casual moment caught. I remember sitting just like this.


The animal barn is a must-see for me.



Chickens were not allowed at the fair that year due to some sort of avian flu concern. Theses chicks had special signage certifying them as healthy.






Sweet faced, squeaky clean calves:


And an impressive assortment of rabbits.


And cats. Seriously. There is a cat club with a whole building dedicated to them. The felines all had cages uniquely decorated.


Educational posters taught me quite a bit:


I had a ball at the fair. Up next…stuff in jars and handwork.




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