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Jefferson County Fair-Flowers, Stuff in Jars and Textiles

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Plates and plates of fruits and veggies and vases of flowers filled a building.  Maybe someday  I’ll be an exhibitor? I think it’s a pretty neat concept, the judging of produce and such.

Prize apples:


Just one of several stands of  in jars. Note the lighting used? It made glowing gems of the jars.


And it wouldn’t be a fair be such without the largest zucchini contest? I forget the weights. They were huge!


Punchy dahlias.


The textiles building I saved for last. I was impresed by the variety of quilts. Some were traditional.


Some not. Here, detail of a very contemporary piece by a local gal I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


Note the combination of hand and machine quilting.


Woven items:




Knit and crocheted items. I enjoyed the variety of items exhibited from simple potholders to fine, lace shawls.


I haven’t entered an item in a county fair since high school. Maybe it’s time I revisit that notion for next year?


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