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Farm Tour day one

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It’s farm tour weekend here in Jefferson County, WA.  Sat., day one, was rainy and cool. We visited a couple places within stone’s throw of home.

Wilderbee Farm is a lovely little place that grows and sells lavender, blueberries, u-cut flowers, and pumpkins for the fall and is now building a building for making and selling mead.  They have many hives on the property as well as hens and sheep.  Their gift shop is a great stop for lavender-infused products and wood-craft gifts. Check out their website for sun infused photos.

These are a rare breed of sheep called British Soay. They originated in an archipelago of islands in the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. This remote place protected their genetics.  It’s thought they are relatives of man’s first domesticated sheep.  They are sturdy, hardy, agile and great mothers. Interestingly, they molt in the spring and their fleece is hand plucked, not shorn. They also lack a flocking instinct and will scatter if herding dogs attempt their duties.

Rams and Ewes have horns.



We noted an extra squawky hen carrying on.  One of the owners declared her a Bantam and suggested we avoid them if considering backyard hens.  He instead recommended Buff Orpington as they are docile and very quiet.

Chicks might be on the agenda in this household this spring…heads up!


The setting is lovely!


Do  stop in if you are in the area.


Next stop was Rosebud Ranch, literally through the woods from home.  The raise Alpacas.

Tucked into the trees is a pretty little farm. I can’t find a dedicated website but you can reach the owner via this information.


Here you see a few alpacas being guarded by their lone Llama second from the right. She is a diligent supervisor and protects the flock from intruders.



Alpacas are adorable, fuzzy things that make very warm fiber.



An exhibitor spun in a tent of her wares.  On site they had woven blankets and rugs, yarn  and a blacksmith with beautiful items for sale. Having a huge trip coming up, I refrained from spending.

Tomorrow we’ll visit our favorite farmers market vendors, Max and Chris from Onatrue Farm here in town.

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