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Coming Home


From my first sight of the far, northern latitudes ever:


To the wash of comfort and familiarity of home. Fall is here and the crabapple in the front yard surprised me with brilliant, orange and yellow leaves.


Normally I wouldn’t be blogging this early in the AM.  Jet lag. Humph! Yesterday I was awake at 0200 but managed to fall back asleep. Today, 0500 and awake since.  Back to work I go today. I hope I make it through a day of visiting patients without needing to curl up on their couches for a nap. What a thought!

It’s so good to be home!  A grand trip to England Pete and I had.  I just finished transferring photos off my phone to my laptop this AM.  There is so much to share with you all.  I’ll be off tomorrow. A storm of epic proportions is due to arrive today. Just what I need to hunker down, blog, drink coffee and watch the Outlander series my sis Ali insisted I see to add more fuel to the tinder lit inside me for moors and emerald green English countryside.


Until later-and thanks for stopping by my blog.

2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. can’t wait to see more, Heather; we got back from our first trip to London 2 weeks ago, so I will enjoy that much more. Sounds like a wonderful trip–far more extensive than our 8-day junket around London. We had fun, too, though! Much different than I expected.

  2. Jackie! It was a grand trip! We had only 2 days in London, one of which I sleep-walked with jet lag. What a fascinating city. Thanks for stopping by.

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