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A Glorious Walk Through the Ceiriog Valley – Wales

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Our Air BNB hosts in Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog were well supplied with local walking maps and books. Needing a leg stretcher, we set off from the comfy home and walked a circuit along the bottom of the valley.


One source I found calls this circuit walk, over 8 miles in total, “one of the most neglected and yet one of the most beautiful areas for walking in Wales, if not in Britain. This walk, based on the village of Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, makes a circuit of one of the hills around the village. It can be divided into three parts and is something of a sandwich, in that the start and finish are very easy and most beautiful, while the middle section is the most strenuous albeit with the widest views. There are lovely woods, old drove roads and the added attraction of absolute peace and quiet.”


Looking back towards town from a high point of the walk:


It was completely quiet. Not another soul we saw aside from a local woman who stopped and chatted with us when we walked past her home.

Sheep.  The bleats of sheet were our soul company. Skittish, they skirted around and avoided us.

img_2046 img_2037

The walk takes one through low, creek bottoms, woods and along pretty roads lined with knarled trees.

It was stunning. Everything I saw was beautiful. And I still head back there from time-to-time in my mind.


We got lost. But we walked on, looking for signs and fence step overs, switching to a lovely drovers’ stone paved road. That made our way uphill to the single-lane road high above town where wound our way back down just drinking in the views.


The wee town of Tregeiriog below:


We had lovely weather. I started out overdressed, as usual. What looked like rain clouds at the start never emptied.


Lowering light changes the shadows and quality of the light, something fun to watch.

img_2047 img_2031

And just because, a photo of a farm I snapped the day earlier, farther down the valley:


What a day. What a glorious walk. How I miss those open fields, lines of hedges and trees, wide open views of rolling hills.


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