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Vancouver-A Quick Trip

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Had a quickie trip up to Vancouver,  BC. Living in a small town, I ocassionally crave a big city fix.

We set out from our base camp that eve for a long walk and supper. We headed to Gastown. A lovely alpenglow lured us to a vista of the hills over North Van. 

Burrard Inslet hosts a port lined with giant Erector Set dinosaurs. I mean cranes. 

Granville St. For Schwarma before the rowdy night crowds descend. For me, trips up there mean eating interesting food.

The famed steam clock in Gastown. 

Its innards. 

It was bone-chilling cold.  The lack of people wandering the streets, usually packed with tourists, reflected this. 

My brain was fully engaged in details. So much to take in – such as this mosaic floor. 

A tattered hotel sign. 

Lights everywhere. 

I’m not Irish. But I got a kick of the sign. 

Note the giant, puffy down jacket? 

Until the next city-fix-

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