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Winter 2017 Charitable Knitting and Quilts

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Trying a new photo format.

The charitable knitting group I donate to can be found on Ravelry and is called Hats and More for War Torn Syria.  To them I send off thick, warm hats, socks and mittens that are distributed to Syrian Refugees in need.  The also take quilts for children.  I’ve been fortunate to hook up with a gal in TX that has a long arm quilting machine and will quilt and bind the tops I send her. She makes oodles herself.  I love to piece.  But I loathe to quilt. Without her help I could not make so many.

I just noted the last batch I made went out in September of 2015.

Today I mailed her 9 tops. I used up about half the fabric I set aside for donated quilts on a shelf in my sewing room. Going pattern-less is such a blast! None of these used a formal pattern.

My goal is to craft bright, cheery, colorful creations children can wrap up in, hopefully brightening and warming up their world.

For knitting projects, my LYS Bazaar Girls started a collection box in Jan. for hats and such that will go to the local homeless shelter, the Boiler Room (for teens in need) and Dress for Success (they donate gently-used clothing to women in need of clothing for work.)  I popped in 5 hats and a pair of mittens.

Charitable knitting accounts for much of my portable, grab and go knitting. I have a large box of yarn (thanks, mom, for sending me a generous lot) to create from. I’ll con’t to give to others the gift of warmth.

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