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Christmas Knitting 2016


Pretty tough to get a wee one to stand still for a model photo.


I kept holiday knitting pretty simple for 2016.

My nieces Sonja (above) and Lily both got Baable hats. Wow,  are they fun to make!  I used the Bairns Baable hat modifications to fit their wee heads.  Obviously, it was still not small enough for Peanut Sonja. Lily wouldn’t try it on for me at Christmas so I’m not sure about hers.  They’ll grow into them soon enough.

I winged mods for earflaps and ties for Sonja’s so it can be tied on.


Lily’s has a double fold brim for warmth and both sport pom-poms. Because anything this cute should have pom-poms.


We drew names for gifting this year. I made my sis Ali a quilted french press cozy as she alluded to wanting a press and I sneakily verified with her hubbie that she didn’t have one.


What a blast!  With a hand full of batik scraps I used a quilt as you go method to apply them to insulated batting. Then, I bound around it, tucking in elastic button loops and sewed on colorful buttons.  It’s all washable.

Easy peasy! Now I need to make one for our giant press at home.  Not that we leave coffee in it, to cool down, that often.  ;  )


One quickie project I completed in MN for the holidays was a Chunkeanie in a luscious yarn  called Oopmh! by Schmutzerella I bought at Knit Fit. The color name:  The Legs. The Nose. And Mrs. Robinson.  Her website is down but you can find her on Ravelry. It’s brilliantly squishy and the colors glow.


Off to buy buttons for a FO sweater today.  Pics to come!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting 2016

  1. Love all your projects, thanks for sharing! I too, have a small head.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thanks so much, Mary!

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