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To Keep or Not to Keep?


Life’s changing.  It’s full. And I haven’t touched this blog in two months.

So I’ve been chewing on closing it. Not sure.

I’m headed back to school this fall – which will further consume my time. I may become an occasional reader of others’ blogs – and stick with sharing things on Facebook, the other social media format I use.  A blog is a different format than FB. I know I’ll miss it.  I have a year of photos and info I haven’t shared. That’s telling me something. Maybe it’s time to part ways? This spot has been a repository for me for ten years.

Not sure yet…

3 thoughts on “To Keep or Not to Keep?

  1. if you do, I will miss you, Heather. Are you starting on a CNP or a more divergent career change?

    • Hello Jackie. That’s the emotional tie I have to this blog. : ) I’m starting with an ADN to BSN and considering moving forward to NP. Not sure yet. I am shadowing some NP’s in August and will see how I survive my first year of school.

  2. Maybe switch over to Instagram – a bit shorter format?

    Best wishes on your education!

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