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Balanced Stones on the Beach

A sunset walk on the beach worked wonders to soothe my eyes after a day of computer work for school. North Beach, here in town, is a fine place for just that. I started at about 6 o’clock.

Just a hint of a warm glow washed the bluffs and sand.

The sinking sun washed Mt. Baker in a painterly way.

Have you seen a Pacific sunset?

Walking back I noticed something I couldn’t believe I’d missed. Balanced stones, seemingly someone’s calling card, were everywhere.  The glare of the setting sun must have hid them while walking west.

A lesson to be learned?  One may miss the details if looking in one direction only?

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A lovely walk at Anderson Lake State Park

Fall is here. Thank goodness! It’s my favorite season. Gone are the dry, hot days.  I celebrated with a stroll through a local state park that is one of my favorite retreats.

I noticed further out west the other day, towards Port Angeles the maples are changing to yellow. Here, more east, it’s just barely starting. A few yellow leaves lay scattered on the forest floor. This park has grand, noble maples under which I often stand and gawk.

The lake’s been closed to use due to a toxic algae bloom, a shame as it would make for a lovely, quiet paddle. Instead, I enjoy reflections and on this day, cormorant and heron activity from the shore.

This spider built a large web across the trail. I managed a limbo underneath to spare it.

The quiet enclosure of trees was just what I needed.

I’ll bring you golden leaved photos when able—


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Charitable Knitting August 2017 Shipment

I sent a box of wooly goodies off to Seattle to help warm and clothe Syrian refugees.  The group on Ravelry called Hats and More for War Torn Syria facilitates this.  A very positive and lively group, it’s full of camaraderie. 

Three vests (L-R) Mini-Thermal Vest x 2 and the Toddler T-Shirt Vest. I found vests to be a reasonable project in warm months. The one on the L is from Noro Kureyon, the middle is Brown Sheep Lambs Pride worsted and the blue one is from bits and pieces.

Two sleeved sweaters made the box including (L) a very thick and warm Baby Pullover in more Brown Sheep held with Noro Silk Garden and (R) Quick Oats in some very deep stash Mountain colors 3 Ply wool.

Mukluk Slippers are a fun knit and also used some deep stash of Berocco Vintage. I suspect I’ll be making myself some for around the house.  A simple beanie for a child topped it all off.  Time to build that pile back up!


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Welcome to the Garden in Back

Take a gander through the back yard’s garden spaces. These pics are from several weeks ago. 

We now have a bumper crop of raspberries. The canes from last year multiplied like mad. 

Borage has become one of my favorites as a fill- in plant. It readily re-seeds. The tiny, frosty blue flowers feed the bees. The leaves smell like cucumbers. 

The fuschia next to the arbor looks like someone fed it steroids. I forget which variety this one is. It may be called Army nurse. This is a hearty specimen that is coming back year after year. Since this photo it’s size has almost doubled. How I love fuchsias!

Deltas Sarah – Another hardy fuschia. 

Three rosebushes were planted this spring. This one is a lovely pink specimen.

Multi colored pole beans reach up. So far, they have not produced any bean pods.

We are drowning in zucchini from just two plants.  I’ve been shredding and freezing most of it for future baking purposes.

Greens are needing to be thinned. 

The purple clematis on the arbor  went gangbusters this year.  Next year, we need to add some sort of additional support and structure to accommodate its developing mass.

The broccoli is producing. The hot weather is slowing this down. I’ve left some of the flowering plants in place because the bees seem to adore their yellow flowers.

Here’s a lovely surprise! The Albion variety of strawberries have put out a second harvest. In the spring, it was very difficult to keep birds and slugs away from the strawberries. This time around, however, nothing seems to be interested in them. Interesting.

It’s been very enjoyable walking into the backyard with a colander and picking out a salad. 


August garden glimpses-The front yard.

Take a gander at our summer garden. Flowers are in full bloom. We are drowning in zucchini, lettuce, and happily munching broccoli and green onions.  There is promise of a bumper crop of raspberries and the second crop of strawberries are forming.  This spring, we dug up a huge portion of our yard and gleefully plugged in colorful perennials.

This year’s front window box is probably my all-time favorite.

Fuchsias love this shady spot and I’ve taken keen advantage of that in box and the foundation plantings.

Along the side of the house:

Cages still guard the fruit trees. I thought peach trees were ignored by deer. I was wrong. Nasty little buggers have been grazing on the leaves that line the sidewalk. The cages need to come off the apple trees for growth’s sake but I’m worried that they’ll be devoured. Anyone have any tips?

The Gravenstein apple tree survived a bout of bugs last year and has good looking fruit on it.

I have some favorite flower specimens including a new Dalia the size of a dinner plate.


Climbing nasturtiums stretch with our families heirloom ‘tall yellow flowers’ in the background. We’re not sure what kind of flower they are. The original clump came from a great grandparents farm and has been divided and shared amongst my family.  I lugged mine home in a suitcase – it’s thriving!

Succulents – I’ve been tucking them into nooks and crannies in the front yard in a spot that takes a lot of hot, direct afternoon sun. They’ve spread like mad this year. The neighbor’s cat Butterscotch gets a cheek scritch from a hen that guards her chicks. He’s since moved. I miss his antics.

Dwarf sunflowers. These have me giggling with glee.

The next field trip I will take you into the backyard.


To Keep or Not to Keep?

Life’s changing.  It’s full. And I haven’t touched this blog in two months.

So I’ve been chewing on closing it. Not sure.

I’m headed back to school this fall – which will further consume my time. I may become an occasional reader of others’ blogs – and stick with sharing things on Facebook, the other social media format I use.  A blog is a different format than FB. I know I’ll miss it.  I have a year of photos and info I haven’t shared. That’s telling me something. Maybe it’s time to part ways? This spot has been a repository for me for ten years.

Not sure yet…