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Janie’s Gone

My sweet Jane is gone. We had 6 years of companionship. Is it ok to say your pet is your friend?

After losing Annabelle, another cat I adopted at a senior age, I held off on getting another for a while.

Thank goodness my sis Karen nudged me into the pet shop the day the Marin Cat Connection Adoption Group was there.  I could hear Jane purring from far away. With a couple ear scratches, a nuzzle, and gazes from those green eyes the deal was sealed. She took one lap around my apartment and settled right in!

She was a sassy little thing, played a lot, and enjoyed her third-floor balcony back then.

In the picture above she is quite new to me. It’s striking how young she looks compared to her last few months of life.   I was told she was around four years old at the time of adoption.  Given her sequella of health issues the last four years the vet up here thought she was likely much older at the time of adoption.  Her auntie Anise made the mouse for her and snapped this photo.

She endured the move to WA and settled right into her new home.  I was warned, when adopting her, she did not play well with other cats so she ruled the roost.

I’ll miss her antics.  Before she lost sight in one eye we played laser-tag up and down the hall and she hunted bugs that landed on the outside of the window screens. The corner of my laptop she could not resist. A book or knitting on my lap yielded to her compact perch.  She was a spicy little redhead who had me well trained.  Lap. Pronto!  Breakfast.  Right away!

She always demanded the highest point to perch/sleep on (such as my knees below) when one napped or crawled into bed. Why do cats do that?

The crook of a hip – Never mind needing to roll over. How she adored sitting on Peter as he napped.

I miss her horribly.  How do those little buggers imprint themselves on you so thoroughly? And when will I stop glancing on the couch for her form or hearing myself say “Hey Janie” when I enter the house?