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Christopher’s Quilt

My nephew Christopher arrived on Feb. 2. And man is he cute!

Each neice and nephew have received a handmade quilt from me.

I picked up these fat quarters at  The Cloth Shop  on Granville Island in Vancouver BC. It’s a fun little shop with a thoughtfully curated quilting fabrics.  I couldn’t resist the main fabric with the pirates, ships, maps and treasure chests as well as the navy one with the sea critters. I just searched the collection and am not seeing it much out there including on Makower, UK’s website.  Missouri Star Quilt Company has a bit.  The line is called 1674 Pirates Fishes buy The Henley Studio. I’m not sure what line the octopus and white fish prints are from. The red and white dots are from Cotton and Steel.

Not wanting to cut up the larger prints, I found a pattern off ETSY called Husky which may be the best $9 I’ve ever spent on a quilt pattern. Sized for baby to queen each block requires a fat quarter or a couple fat sixths. It’s simple, speedy and allows your prints to shine in large pieces.  And did I mention speedy?

I have the greatest respect for the heirloom quality, hand quilted, intricate quilts out there but in reality, that just isn’t in the cards for me.

This gal’s shop, Sunnyside Fabrics has a collection of simple quilt patterns I’ve added to my favorite list in Etsy.

I quilted it in a meandering pattern.  I really struggle with machine quilting. Even with my super grippy gloves and long table attachment to provide a slick, large, machine bed height workspace it find the process cumbersome and tiring.  Someday I’d like to build (I mean have Pete build) a table with a recess to drop the machine down into. I also dream of a long arm…but that would require a new house – with a large room for it…and a small fortune…alas!

This will head off to MN today and become a baby warmer, floor pad, brain synapse developer and spit up catcher.  Such a multitude of uses I believe a baby quilt should be.

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A Two Month Lapse

Jeez. I haven’t posted in two months – not for lack of interesting things to share.  Still here. But I’ve been ignoring the laptop on days off as I’m glued to one on work days.

I’ve had some knitting disappointments, placing an entire finished sweater in a don’t look at it and you won’t know it’s there pile and a vest that fell victim to a lying gauge swatch.

So knitting momentum is slowed – but not gone.

Here’s what’s been filling up my time-

  • A new nephew, Christopher arrived on Feb 2nd. He’s adorable!  Keeping the tradition, I made him a quilt and am nearly done, sewing the binding down.  Pirates, Octopus, Fish, in huge and simple blocks are delightfully colorful. More on that once done.
  • Spring won’t arrive. It’s been cold and rainy. Folks I am so ready for sun and warmth.  We must be at least 3-4 weeks behind in weather.  Nevertheless, gardening’s happening. We had the entire east side of the house dug up and prepared for landscaping.  We’ve planted 9 trees thus far – A Black Tulip Magnolia, A Japanese Stewartia, a Hinoki Cypress, A Vine Maple and a Japanese Maple, a Weeping Birch, a clump of Himalayan Birch, a Juniper and a Shore Pine.  This is the spring of investment in trees.  Seeds are starting in the dining room window and a couple new garden beds are in place. On work-outside- days, that delightful fall into bed and sleep better than you ever do feeling is back. There’s something so gratifying and therapeutic to me for working in the garden.  Photos to come.
  • Working in the yard has displaced some crafting time.  The little I’m doing tends to be while listening to the Wet Coast Wools Podcast on Youtube which I’m glad to recommend to you.  Glenda and Bernadette are goofy,  informative and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing their FO’s and WIPS.  5 minutes into a podcast I know if I’ll stick with it.  I’ve been watching back episodes as well.  Glenda owns and Bernadette Manages/works at Wet Coast Wools in Vancouver, BC. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them and shopping at their shop.  They kindly welcomed me to join them at their knitting table while waiting for Pete to return to pick me up.
  • I’m on book three of Ransom Riggs Series that starts with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Sure they’re kids’ books. But man I can’t put them down.

What else is in the queue for you?  How about a weekend at Madrona Fiber Arts? Or a hiking trip at Dosewallips State Park? Maybe some photos of the Olympic Mountains from above tree line? And there’s that fingering weight colorwork hat that’s done.

I’lll get going on those this week.  Until later!



Kurt’s Quilt

It’s been gifted and the recipient loves it.  Now I can share.

I’d long planned on making this friend a quilt.

After auditioning many combinations, I settled on a grouping of reds, gold, rust, blue and purple batiks.  The pattern I chose was Limelight by Villa Rose Designs. I’ve sung their praise before.  I added three blocks to make it longer for his almost 6′ frame.  Quilts should cover one fully for naps, I think.  Robin at Robins Nest Custom Machine Quilting, back in MN, quilted it for me on longarm machine.

Here it hangs on the trusty backyard fence.  That’s the only spot I have for photographing quilts.


Close up details:


This was fun to make and great way to use batik fat quarters. I’ll surely be making it again.

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On the Needles, Off the Needles and some Charitable Sewing

I’ve been a busy bee in the crafting department and not so much with the blog.

Just completing a major yarn and fabric destash,  I’ve decided to repurpose quite a bit of languishing stash into charitable knitting and sewing projects.

BTW, is it possible to ever completely destash?

In the past, I’ve knit for Afghans for Afghans. Conflict over there prevents any shipments. I’m knitting up quite the pile of mittens, hats and socks and sitting tight. I’ve my eye on another charity, however, called Wool Aid (Rav link)  (Website Link).  I found them on Ravelry. Depending on what happens with A4A, I may send a box off to Wool Aid.

I’ll photograph these later.

There’s another charitable knitting group on Ravelry that knits and sews for Syrian refugees. It’s called Hats and More for War Torn Syria.  I’ve been piecing up children’s quilt tops from bright fabrics in my stash that need a good home. There’s a gal that volunteers to long arm quilt and bind any top sent to her. What a saint!  It would take me hours to do that. She can zip those out in a flash.  I love piecing.  I don’t care for quilting once I’ve pieced.  What a match up!

The three quilt tops I’ve made up so far:


This one below is mostly from leftover fat quarters from a grouping I purchased. The pattern I used is Sunsprite by Villa Rosa Designs. I just love their simple designs. Check out their website.


A plus to these projects is the license to create, to go patternless, to really stretch what you can to with odds and ends. Below, I made a coin stack of scraps using fabric as a foundation.  I then applied strips to frame it and add more width.


This last top started out as a cute border print I purchased ages ago with no intended project. I split it up and inserted a strip of leftover blocks from my niece’s quilt.


Quilts are to be about 45-50″ in width and 50-60″ long. It’s a great size for a manageable project. I’ll be making many more.

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Quilting up a new home – Turning Twenty – A New Bed Quilt

It’s spring, I’ve a new nest to feather.  It’s time for a new bed quilt.

Back in 2008 I made a queen sized bed quilt from a riot of mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics using the classic and trusty Turning Twenty pattern. That version was made using the “Twisting Turning Twenty” version which used blocks, pieced in all light or all dark values, cut in half and arranged to make chevrons of values into geometric shapes. Pretty cool.

You know it’s a little odd peeking at vintage blog posts I wrote 7 years ago. Have I really been doing this for that log?  Jeesh!

This version was more simple, truly easy-peasy. I (cough) impulse ordered two fat quarter collections from Cotton and Steel, a fabric line I really dig.  Mesa by Melody Miller caught my eye for it’s Southwestey kitsch and Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale was the other.  Both play well together. Needing 30 fat quarters (I added blocks to make this a larger queen than the pattern specified and skipped the pieced border) I used most all from both fat quarter collections (minus some i wasn’t keen on) and some from stash.  Leftover FQ’s will likely become a pieced shower curtain like this one I spotted on Pinterest.  Perhaps I’ll write up a pattern to share?

This baby’s colorful, but would you expect anything neutral from me?  Not really.




I mailed it off to Robins Nest Custom Machine Quilting in Lindstrom, MN for quilting and took it home, in a checked bag, when I visited last month. Robin does an outstanding job and is exceptionally reasonable.  I often send her projects and she phone consults on thread color and quilting pattern suggestions.  I completely trust her judgment as she has never steered me wrong.  Loyal I am to her!


Ii tried to piece the backing from stash only but didn’t have enough large pieces. That’s a sign I’m using up stash.  The middle strip I found at my local quilting shop Creative Union Fabrics.  The colors fit in with the others and it is delightfully whimsical. I’d not choose it for something front and center.


Close up of it’s silly print.


There’s a long lap size quilt (almost a twin) I also had quilted that is awaiting its binding. A special gift I’ll mail off to a dear friend, that one is top secret until it’s received.

Next project will be to get a lap quilt quilted and bound.  So many projects!

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MN in July – Quality Time With the Fam

Late July took me to MN to see the Fam.

Here, a little photo journal of the trip:

Pedicures with two of my three sisters resulted in all blue toes. I’d never gone blue before.

Poppa, on his annual fishing trip to rural Canada, caught a monster of a big ol’ Walleye. Per my request, he saved it for my arrival. Nothing beats fresh walleye. 27.5″ and 7.5#   He assured me it was “a monster.”

What would a hot, Midwestern weekend be without a boat ride and swim? Wes and Karen brought the boat out to Big Marine Lake.

My Nephew Lucca (who just turned 3) ‘drove.’ He likes pressing the horn button. What a smile!

Lucca went for a swim with his aunties. Karen morphed into the Seaweed Monster (yep there are weeds on her head.) An unusually hot summer there, the water felt like a warm bathtub. It was delightful. From what I hear, though, it’s wrecking havoc on the fish.

Speaking of fish my BIL Tyler took Karen, Rachel and I fishing at a little city lake. We hit a school of Sunnies. One after another we pulled out, all 4 inches or less. If fact, Rachel stopped casting and just touched her bait to the surface, counted to 5 and boom, a bite. That became a laughable game. Tyler taught me how to gently remove hooks from a fish. But I wouldn’t hold the bullfish. Just couldn’t do that.

Lucca had a belated birthday party. I was immersed in kid-dom for the week. Lucca’s a fireball of energy and growing up so quickly.

Sam, kidlet number two for sis Ali and Josh arrived in June. He’s a snuggly, quiet, sweet little baby who molds into you however you hold him. Sigh…so sweet.

I gifted a quilt to Sam.

He’s got some growing into it to do:


Pattern’s called Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs. I’ve made it before. Using all batiks I kept to stash fabric except for the backing. Robbins Nest in Lindstrom did the quilting. She does such great work. Please consider mailing off pieces to her.

These tall yellow flowers, BTW, are in Ali and Josh’s yard. They originated in my Grandma Quick’s parents’ farm in Hinkley, MN. Grandma had some in her yard. Fortunately, Ali and Karen transplanted some into their yards. There they thrive! No one knows their name. We call them “Tall Yellow Flowers.” I think of Grandma when I see them.