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East Side of the Sierras – Part 3 of 3 – Into the Great Park I Went

Here are the final pics from the big trip over the Sierras I posted here and here.

While the weekend tourists swamped Tuolomne Meadows I was poking around ghost towns and out in the open hills of the valley soaking in hot springs and admiring the views.

Watching dust devils in amazement:

I checked out Obsidian Dome just outside of Mammoth.  Remnants of a volcanic eruption 500-600 years ago, the slow-moving flow left a pile of glassy obsidian a mile long and 300 feet tall.  Fascinating.

The Paiute Native Americans used the rock for tools.

Once the weekend passed I headed into Tuolomne Meadows, the higher-altitude portion of Yosemite National Park.  It was so crowded in that park over the weekend it grossed me out and I left for quieter places.

Tuolomne is really spectacular with granite domes and formations as far as the eye can see.  The weather was perfectly cool.  I found some nice high spots to take it all in.

Note the glacial erratic boulders sitting on top of this dome:


These are the views I love. Wide open:



A particularly lovely hike along the Tuolomne River brought me to a broad meadow where I enjoyed a picnic and worked on a little knitting project in peace and quiet.




The river narrows in spots, the flow quickens and you can see it’s carved out a path through the granite.  Saw many perfect swimming holes but having no suit with and crowds present did not mix.


I was fortunate to have my first Yosemite rock climbing experience. That granite is superb!

I was sad to leave this area.  Sure have a hankering for more. Tulomne will close soon since the road’s at such high elevation.  But there’s Yosemite Valley to visit.  The crowds should disperse soon.  Hmmm…