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Warm Fuzzies – An Afghan girl and the sweater I knit.

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Last summer I knit two sweaters for my favorite charitable knitting cause – Afghans for Afghans.  The first was an Icelandic Yoke styled number in navy, red, turquoise and purple.  (Details Here)

900+ sweaters were distributed to people in need, most were girls about to start school for the first time, in Farza. A4A’s website now displays  photos of beautiful faces holding up and wearing warm and wooly items.

Click on this LINK to the page and look at the top, left hand photo. Look for the girl on the far left of that photo. She is holding up the sweater I made.  How happy it makes me to see this, an affirmation that acts of kindness and thought touch the lives of people far away  and in such dire need.

Just look at all those smiling faces!

My tennis and golfers’ elbow is slowly resolving.  Hooray for cortisone!   I’ve been knitting for small bits of time here and there, resisting the urge to do more than my body says I should.  A pair of bright red wool worsted weight socks are on the needles in my travel project bag. They’ll be added to my pile of goodies to mail off to A4A.

Thank you for visiting the A4A’s website.



One thought on “Warm Fuzzies – An Afghan girl and the sweater I knit.

  1. Heather, I saw your sweater in progress that one knit night, and it was really a wonderful thing to see it’s owner as well. A little envious, because with all the Afghan for Afghans knitting I’ve done, there’s never been photographic fun (I don’t need the proof) to go with it!

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