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Frosty AM AND A sunny Walk

A hard frost iced up my garden for the first time Saturday morning.
This hardy kale shook it off and said, “Is that all you’ve got?  Bring it on!”



The sun came out and melted all of that away. I met a friend at the farmers market for coffee, some shopping and a walk in local Fort Worden State Park. Check out the aerial photo on the link’s page. Here, one can take in views galore.

A meadow by the lagoon leads to North Beach.

Across the Strait lie the San Juan Islands.

Mt. Bakers looms behind the pretty lighthouse.

Crystal clear, Baker and the Cascades poke up behind Whidbey Island.

Marine trafic headed for Puget Sound and the Keystone ferry:

In this park, one can stroll along bluffs, the beach or under large, bright green foliage.  It was a glorious day!

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Auntie Knits- The privilege of knitting silly, cute kid things.

Being an Auntie means making goofy, cute things for nieces and nephews.  Sis Karen asked me to make a babe the Blue Ox hat for Sonja for this years’ Halloween costume.  Sure!  And then I though, “Hmmm.  How?”

After trolling online photos of Babe I knitted up a basic beanie and winged it on the ears and horns.  Butter-soft Malagbrigo Worsted in Bobby Blue was in my stash. Then, I braided up yarn to make a tail. Karen added red ribbon to the tail.  This I knit up in a short bit while my CO/UT road-trip partner Kurt, in early Oct., shook his head in amazement. He wondered, “How did you make that so quickly?”  That trip’s post is soon to follow.

I think she’s pretty adorable and her papa, Wes, got the Paul Bunyan costume just right.

The other request was fish hat for my niece Lily. She’s obsessed with fish, enjoys fishing and loves animals in general. I made this Fish Dead or Alive hat for my nephew Lucca a few years back.  An old Knitty project, there are 7,000+ projects listed on Ravelry.  This one I made from leftovers, mainly Cascade 220, some mochi and other worsted odds n’ ends.

Lily is a peanut. She’ll need to grow into this hat.  I added ties that need to be trimmed down in length. Jeez she’s cute. Can’t wait to get there for the holidays.

Past Halloween knits include Princess Leia buns for Lily as a wee one and a Pumpkin Hat for Lucca, also a sprite.

As they get older, such requests will taper off. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy such novel projects.

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Fall Colors on a Neighborhood Walk

Just out for an evening stroll. Soon it will be dark when I get home from work. Why do we practice daylight savings? 

Fall’s here. It’s raining a lot which is oh so needed. 

Here are some pics I snapped while on my walk.

We’ve got weird ‘shrooms up here that would inspire Dr. Seuss.

Snowberry. Plump and squishy. Most of the year they’re dried up.   
  So many lovely trails just out my front door. 


Native blackberries sport red leaves. 

A decorative tree along a farm’s fence.   
Some ferns are turning a blonde to copper color. 

 And look at this find-Himalayan Blackberries, not as tasty as the natives, but still a find as the season’s over. 


A Honeysuckle, I believe. 
  Salal has a few red leaves: 
  Bearberry?  Maybe. 

 Elderberry’s pale green leaves light up. 


Willows wear a yellowed veil. 

  Alder. Perhaps. I didn’t photo the leaves. The pale green wee little cones and catkins caught my eye. 

And finally, my neighbor’s lilac tree now with chartreuse leaves. 
Happy fall! 


Fall Knitting Finished Projects

Hey Y’all-

Thought I’d catch up on posting FO’s from the last few months.

I’ve been knitting a lot.  Just finished a Christmas gift and half of another. Sharing those, of course, must wait.  Also pending are Halloween photos of my niece in her Babe the Blue Ox hat I knit up.  This weekend I’m finishing up a bunch of charity knitting. I’ll mail it off to the same organization I send the quilts. If you use Ravelry you can access they group’s page at: Hats and More for War-Torn Syria.

First, the cutest project given its model, the Bonny Tee I made my niece Sonja. The colorway of Tosh DK, Happiness, is the same blue as her eyes.


Glad it fits. I hope it fits through the winter. Geez she’s cute!


Next up is a B-Day gift for my sis Rachel.  The pattern is November Leaves in BT Shelter in Button Jar. This photo does not show the rich, flecked green color well.


I did not aggressively block open the lace leaves. I didn’t want the size growing any larger.


This hat I cast on while taking the Keystone Ferry enroute to my Mt. Baker trip. Based on the iconic  Turn a Square, which has 17,089 projects made in the Ravelry database, I’ve made this hat at least a half-dozen times. This one’s from a skein of Noro Silk Garden.


I did not make this shawl. It was a gift from a dear, sweet friend.  It’s so beautiful! I just had to share it with you.  She used the Northmavine Hap pattern by Kate Davies in delightfully light, wooly yarns in the colors of a moody, winter WA coast.  It’s now cold enough to wrap this around me. This is the first knitted gift I’ve received from anyone and so treasured.

DSCF5986 DSCF5987

Made sometime ago, this Find a Penny Shawl (my third) I managed to lose in my sewing and craft room. Finally unearthed, it’s warmed my neck in the last week.  The yarn is Tosh Merino in Tart. Soft…yummy…this pattern is so functional and wearable.  It wraps around twice and knots for a secure neck warmer or drapes if wrapped more loosely.  It’s a quick knit.


Dainty Dorris satisfied a desire for a more loose, lightweight hat.  It’s too slouchy for my liking. I will undo the top and frog back a couple inches.  It’s knit in Tosh DK in Robin Red Breast (I think.)


I introduced Wee Sonja to the wonders of wool on my August trip to MN.  I know that look. I think she’s hooked!


Sis Karen admired my Betsy last winter so I made one for her B-Day in Malabrigo Mecha as well. The color is London sky.  How I love this pattern.


It accompanied me, up above the trees, while hiking by Mt. Baker.  DSCF5717

Cozy Thermal Mitts were intended for my sis Rachel’s birthday gift. But they are big. Too big even for my paws despite using a needle #4.  I may try felting them up a bit. The yarn is BT Shelter in Hayloft. This color I am drawn to. Unfortunately, I can’t wear yellow by my face.   When I make these again, I will remove some repeats.


This hast is the Station Hat.  Not sure who it will go to. It’s in the future gift pile. I knit it up in Malabrigo Worsted which is what MAL knit the patern card up in.  I love how you turn it and knit in stockinette then reverse it for a reverse stockinette surface.  I modified it by casting on fewer stitches than called for. As a result, I had to recalculate decreases.  To fit my pinhead, I cannot cast on more than 90 stitches in worsted weight. And that’s pushing it. I usually go for 86-88.


Sis Ali’s B-Day gift was the Lowbrow hat in a colorway of Malabrigo Worsted (Bobby Blue) I set aside for her years ago.  The pattern has a matching cowl.  DSCF5761 DSCF5762

Cool weather’s amped up my instincts to craft, cook and hunker down.  This winter I have some lofty goals for knitting. More on that later.



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